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Evidence that the “war on obesity” is not worth fighting

For years we’ve been told that America is engaged in a “war on obesity” that requires government action at the federal, state and local level.  Government-backed research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have categorized more than a third (36 percent) as obese, and about seven in 10 as ...

A bad cliffhanger

Thumbnail : A bad cliffhanger

The US “fiscal cliff” talks were depicted as a tense dash to save America, but in truth all the big questions were left out.

Read my spiked article in full here.

A bad cliffhanger

Congress and the President went past its own deadline of midnight on December 31st, but a day later reached a deal on the so-called “fiscal cliff”. With its vote late on Tuesday night, the House of Representatives joined the Senate in approving legislation that will avoid tax increases for most ...

Driving off the fiscal cliff?

Thumbnail : Driving off the fiscal cliff?

As many predicted, the “fiscal cliff” negotiations are going down to the wire. Congress and the President have until the end of 2012 to agree a deal that would prevent tax rises and budget cuts. But this brinkmanship does ...

2012′s best articles

Here are my top 10 articles for the year (in alphabetical order by the author’s last name):

“Who killed the liberal arts?” The Weekly Standard, by Joseph Epstein

“In nothing we trust,” National Journal, by Ron Fournier and Sophie Quinton

“The future of history: can liberal democracy survive the decline ...

New York City’s economy: more than Wall Street?

That’s the title of a chapter I wrote for a new book, London After Recession: A Fictitious Capital? The book is edited by three University of East London academics – Gavin Poynter, Iain Macrury and Andrew Calcutt - and is published by Ashgate.

One of the aspects I was surprised to learn ...

This week’s articles of note

“No flying cars, but the future is bright,” Bloomberg, by Virginia Postrel

“Has fiction lost its faith?” New Yort Times Book Review, by Paul Elie

“Why innovation won’t save us,” Wall Street Journal, by Robert J. Gordon

“Beware the baby bust generation,” Boston Globe, by Jeff Jacoby

“The great ...

The consensus after Newtown: let’s curtail freedom

Following the mass shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, there appears to be a great debate going on between those who want to see greater controls on guns, and those who are opposed to such controls. But a focus on the back-and-forth arguments over guns overlooks the fact that there is an ...

This week’s articles of note

“Unions vs. Democratic mayors,” Reason, by Tim Cavanaugh

“Waiting for the GOP’s populist turn,” Defining Ideas, by Victor Davis Hanson

“Another kick in the teeth for Malthus,” The American Interest, by Walter Russell Mead

“College of future could be come one, come all,” The New York Times, by Tamar ...

Ignore the “moral statisticians”, enjoy life (and Thanksgiving)!

On the occasion of Thanksgiving, when Americans indulge in lots of food and drink while gathering with family and friends, it is worth noting that celebrations like this are great rejoinders to the killjoy health nannies out there. In 1893 Mark Twain wrote a brilliant essay called “The Moral Statisticians”, in which ...

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