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Loathed and leaderless in Washington DC

Thumbnail : Loathed and leaderless in Washington DC

As the shutdown rumbles on, the depth of America’s political crisis becomes clear.

Read my spiked article in full here.

This week’s articles of note

“Miley Cyrus syndrome: where have all the grown-ups gone?” Los Angeles Times, by Meghan Daum

“Men dither while women lead in the world,” CNN, by Hanna Rosin

“The last days of the GOP,” New Republic, by John Judis

“Gerrymandering isn’t to blame for D.C. impasse,” Real Clear Politics, by ...

It’s the politics, stupid

The US government shutdown will enter its 14th day on Monday, and the debt-ceiling deadline is on Thursday. Both political parties continue to blame one another. Some Democrats and their supporters, in particular, believe they are “winning” because certain polls, such as last week’s NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, find that more Americans ...

This week’s articles of note

“The two faces of American education,” The New York Review of Books, by Andrew Delbanco [Review of books by Diane Ravitch and Michelle Rhee]

“The closing of Diane Ravitch’s mind,” City Journal, by Sol Stern

“California’s new feudalism benefits a few at the expense of the multitude,” The Daily ...

US shutdown: the abdication of the political class

Thumbnail : US shutdown: the abdication of the political class

The shutdown shows how lost and immature US rulers have become.

Read my spiked article in full here.

America’s dysfunctional political class shuts down government

After the US Congress and the White House were unable to reach agreement over the budget and keep government finances flowing, a “shutdown” was introduced this morning. Some 800,000 federal workers will be furloughed, and more than a million other employees will work without pay. Although the dispute could be ...

This week’s articles of note

“Finding racism where it’s not as blatant, and inventing it where it’s not present,” Washington Examiner, by Timothy P. Carney

“If you send your kid to a private school, you are a bad person,” Slate, by Allison Benedikt

“People don’t fear climate change enough,” Bloomberg, by Cass Sunstein

“Free ...

Obama turns to congress to try to salvage his Syria folly

President Obama’s supporters praised his announcement on Saturday that he would seek congressional approval for an attack on Syria.

Some commentators referred to it as a historic departure from previous practice. Journalist Walter Shapiro wrote:  “The president’s decision to go to Congress represents an historic turning point. It may ...

Obama’s unserious approach to Syria threatens deadly consequences

Has there ever been a military action so telegraphed in advance as the US threats to bomb Syria?

According to un-named  US “senior officials” speaking to the New York Times (and seemingly every other news outlet), we know that the action will be “limited”, “perhaps lasting no more than one ...

This week’s articles of note

“The great Oberlin College racism hoax of 2013,” Legal Insurrection, by William A. Jacobson

“Doing things together doesn’t mean a big government program,” Washington Examiner, by Timothy Carney

“How Obama has abused the Patriot Act,” Los Angeles Times, by Jim Sensenbrenner

“The real reason college costs so much,” Wall Street ...

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