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The purge of gay-marriage heretics begins


The ousting of Brendan Eich from Mozilla because of his views on gay marriage sets a dangerous precedent.

Read my spiked article in full here.

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Who are the real bigots in the St. Pat’s spat?


Gay-rights groups are becoming the enforcers of social conformism.

Read my spiked article in full here.

The West’s double standards on Ukraine

Ukraine Protest

Our leaders claim to be defending Ukrainian sovereignty. In fact, they’re overriding it.

Read my spiked article in full here.

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"My life as a writer," The New York Times [Philip Roth interviewed]

Incompetent imperialists reign in Ukraine

Ukraine Protests

The meddling of the US and the EU has produced nothing but chaos.

Read my spiked article in full here.

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"The terms of our surrender," New York Times, by Ross Douthat

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"The gentrification of Spike Lee," New York Daily News, by Errol Louis

"The post-Protestant ethic and spirit of America," The American, by Joseph Bottum

"Chicago's own funny man," Chicago Sun-Times, by Richard Roeper [on Harold Ramis]

Ukraine: undemocratic uprising backed by incompetent imperialists


A corrupt leader, relying on police and military for support, is in power. Protesters who take to the streets, and get beaten back by riot police, must represent the people and democracy, right? No, not necessarily, and Ukraine is an example of how that simplistic logic doesn’t always hold.

The overthrow of the government in Ukraine led by President Viktor Yanukovich is not something to celebrate. There should be no sympathy for the corrupt and illiberal Yanukovich, but that doesn’t make his opponents democrats. Bad as he was (it’s probably fair to speak of him in the past tense now), Yanukovich was in power thanks to a democratic election. The protesters in Kiev's Maidan did not represent a mobilization of the masses of Ukraine – it’s fairly clear that they were supported mainly in the west region of the country, with many in the east and south opposed if not hostile to them (and it’s not evident at all whether a majority of the country as a whole were supportive of the protesters).  Yanukovich’s government did adopt illiberal laws, limiting freedom of speech and assembly and placing fewer constraints on executive power, but that did not make him a “dictator”, as some overblown descriptions have it. This was not a popular uprising, nor was the overthrow of the government required because it could not have been removed via normal democratic channels.

We shouldn’t be naïve about street protests, whether in Ukraine, the Middle East or in the West. Just because a group is protesting a corrupt government doesn’t mean they have progressive or liberty-favoring ideas. Kiev itself shows that, as the protesters included neo-Nazis, nationalists and cranks (as well as genuine liberals).

Furthermore, people do have a right to protest, to assemble and speak out, but they do not have a right to occupy a public space on a permanent, on-going basis. Groups that set up such camps - even Occupy types in the West - are effectively throwing down a challenge to the government about who runs society. Such a challenge might be necessary at times, especially if the occupiers have the mass of people behind them and there is no alternative, but those who do so shouldn’t be shocked when they are eventually confronted by the police or military. As it happens, street occupiers sometimes know full well what they are in for: at times they are an unrepresentative minority that seeks to prod the government into responding in a heavy-handed, repressive manner in order to gain sympathy and support that they are not able to achieve through public debate or the ballot box.

In Ukraine, the dismissal of a democratically-elected leader and the overriding of the constitution via street protests establish a questionable precedent. This may come into play in the future, given the lack of unity among the different factions that comprise the protesters. As George Friedman of Stratfor perceptively notes about the situation in Ukraine: Continue reading→

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DeBlasio and the snow

Thumbnail : DeBlasio and the snow

I have my criticisms of New York City mayor Bill DeBlasio (see here). But the attacks on him for his handling of yesterday’s snowstorm, and his decision to keep schools open, are a distraction.

Deciding whether to open ...

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