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The tyranny of the new secular priesthood

kotkin_fullJoel Kotkin nails the anti-masses Clerisy that now dominates the US.

Read my review of Kotkin's The New Class Conflict, in the spiked review of books, here.

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Why we should all hail the Redskins


The campaign against the Redskins’ name is an insult to fans.

Read my spiked article in full here.

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Washington Post joins campaign to de-legitimize Redskins name

redskins logo

This week the Washington Post editorial board decided that it will no longer use the word “Redskins” when referring to the Washington football team that has used the name for the past 80 years. The team name is a “slur” and offends many, the editors say. The new policy will apply to editorials only, not the news and sports sections of the newspaper.

In doing so, the Washington Post joins a small number of campaigners that seek to force the Redskins owner, Daniel Snyder, and the National Football League (NFL), to change the team’s name. The campaign mainly consists of some Native American groups, Democratic Party politicians, certain sports commentators and assorted liberals. President Obama has also weighed in, saying the team ought to "think about changing" its name. Although small in number, they are influential and very prominent in the media.

However, the vast majority of Americans – about eight in 10, according to polls - are opposed to changing the team's name. It even appears that most Native Americans, perhaps up to 90 percent, are either not bothered by the name or see it as a compliment. A number of Native American high school teams call themselves the Redskins.

There's a good reason why most people are against changing the name: it is common sense. The anti-Redskins campaigners are cut off from the real world. Everyone but a small minority recognize that there is no racist intent or malice behind the name. Fans of the team have used the name with pride since it was introduced in the 1930s.

There is also something really odd and worrying about trying to claim the name is offensive: it seeks to re-write history. A team name that has had entirely positive connotations for decades, which is part of NFL tradition and lore, is now deemed offensive. That means that every time thousands of fans sing the fight song "Hail to the Redskins" after a touchdown, they are supposedly engaging in a racist act. We are all now meant to feel guilty about uttering the innocuous name. Continue reading→

Sorting fact from fiction in Ferguson


Same old racism? Actually the riots show how much has changed in the US.

Read my spiked article in full here.

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Pikettymania: Thou shalt not doubt St Thomas


Why does any criticism of Thomas Piketty really rattle liberal observers?

Read my spiked article in full here.

Pricking the Piketty bubble


Capital in the Twenty-First Century is a thoroughly uninspiring, data-heavy dirge.

Read my review of Capital in the Twenty-First Century, by Thomas Piketty, in the spiked review of books, here.

A not-so Sterling attack on free speech

Thumbnail : A not-so Sterling attack on free speech

The LA Clippers owner has been hounded out of the NBA for a speech crime.

Read my spiked article in full here.

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