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The Trumpcare fail shows Trump isn’t evil – just useless

Both Trump and "the Resistance" stand exposed by this debacle.

Read my spiked article in full here.

The Trump tax bombshell that wasn’t

Rachel Maddow drifts farther into conspiracy-theory territory.

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The Russia frenzy gripping Washington

All sides in US politics now make wild, conspiratorial claims.

Read my Spiked article in full here.

Spiked podcast: the Obama legacy

I spoke to Ella Whelan about Barack Obama's legacy, on the Spiked podcast. You can listen to it here.

Ella also speaks with Tom Slater about the fallout from Theresa May's Brexit speech, and to Pauline Hadaway about the political crisis in Northern Ireland.

Obama is not your saviour

Sean Collins on the cult of Obama and the crisis of American politics.

Read my Spiked article in full here.

Spiked podcast: Russian hacking hysteria and the threat to democracy

I spoke to Ella Whelan about the hysteria in America over alleged Russian hacking, on the Spiked podcast. You can listen to it here.

Ella also speaks with Brendan O'Neill about the war in Syria, and to Joanna Williams about the rise of gender-neutral language.

Trump: it wasn’t Russia wot won it


It’s the Democrats who threaten to undermine American democracy.

Read my Spiked article in full here.

What’s in and what’s out: a guide for the politically fashionable in the Trump era

It's hard to keep up with fashionable political views. Here is a guide for those trying stay one step ahead as we enter the Trump era.

In these turbulent times, it can be re-assuring to some to know that not everything has changed. The following things remain trendy (even if success cannot be measured in electoral terms):

This may change next week.

The rise of Trump – what we got right

Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks at his election night rally in Manhattan

In the aftermath of Trump's election victory, many are trying to explain and make sense of it. But to readers of Spiked and this blog, his win was not entirely a surprise. We identified the forces behind Trump's rise that other pundits and analysts today are only just discovering.

We didn't predict his victory, but we took him more seriously than those who dismissed him as a reality-TV blowhard. For more than a year we recognized Trump's potential to upset, mainly because knew, even before the election contest had begun in earnest, how the longstanding political parties had lost their influence on voters, and how much the working class had become seen as a problem to be managed, rather than a group to be won over. That gave Trump his opening.

For a start, we recognized that, in 2016, the key driver was a desire for change among many Americans:

“With the emergence of outsiders like Sanders and Trump, this year is turning out to be a change election, even if there is no agreement on what that change should entail. And that hurts a stay-the-course candidate like Clinton. Indeed, it can almost seem unfair that she – and not Obama himself – is taking the hit for people’s frustration with economic and social stagnation.” “Why it’s been such a slog for Hillary,” 2 June 2016.

While others treated him as a joke, we said that Trump had a serious chance of winning the election:

“It is precisely the electorate’s dissatisfaction with the establishment and status-quo politics that has provided Trump with his opening. And who have the establishment put up to stop Trump? Hillary Clinton – one of the most flawed, hackish and unlikeable of candidates. Thanks to the mess they have made, Trump – one of the most unqualified and buffoonish people ever to run for president – now has a real shot of winning in November. “ “The GOP is the Trump Party now,” 23 July 2016.


“If [Hillary] cannot find a positive message that genuinely inspires, that addresses the concerns of the left-out masses, then many will feel they have nothing to lose by choosing Trump. And she and the Democrats will have only themselves to blame.”  – “Note to Democrats: being anti-Trump is not enough,” 2 August 2016.

Early on we identified early on how the condemnation of Trump's supporters, from Democrats and the media, was problematic, and how Trump was capitalizing on this: Continue reading→

Spiked podcast: President Trump: revolter or autocrat?

Thumbnail : Spiked podcast: President Trump: revolter or autocrat?

In this week’s Spiked podcast, I joined Reason editor Nick Gillespie, lawyer and author Wendy Kaminer, and Spiked’s Ella Whelan to discuss Donald Trump’s victory and the aftermath of ...

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