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Trump: it wasn’t Russia wot won it


It’s the Democrats who threaten to undermine American democracy.

Read my Spiked article in full here.

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  • Fascinating piece that misses the point - I'm disappointed by your lack of perspicacity. Putin and the Russian intelligence services managed to convince the American electorate that the process is flawed and even rigged, no matter who won. It was masterful and a classic return to Cold War tactics. The goal was not to put either one into power but to convince a substantial portion of the electorate that the process is fixed. The reactions of both the Democrats and the Trumpians show an abysmal ignorance of even recent history. One thing that has motivated Putin and the Russians was their loss of the Cold War and the end of the Soviet Union. their activities reflect this memory. Americans have no recollection nor do they have interest in the past, recent or otherwise. Both Putin and Xi are about to teach our new President some lessons in how power is wielded on the world stage. Since Trump is both arrogant, ignorant, and naive, he will have to learn this lesson again and again, if he ever learns. It looks as though Bismarck may be proved wrong when he opined that God protects women, children, drunks and the United States.

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