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Recent articles of note

On ISIS and Paris:

"Why do jihadis seem so evil?" Pandaemonium, by Kenan Malik

"Mindless terrorists? The truth about ISIS is much worse," The Guardian, by Scott Atran

"ISIS sings the same tune Hitler did, promising Utopia in the end," Russia Today interview with Scott Atran

"What is the driving force behind jihadist terrorism?" by Olivier Roy, presentation to Bundeskriminalamt autumn conference, November 18-19, 2015

"What ISIS really wants," The Atlantic, by Graeme Wood [from March 2015]

"The terror strategist: secret files reveal the structure of Islamic State, Spiegel Online [from April 2015]

"College students say remembering 9/11 is offensive to Muslims," The Daily Beast, by Robby Soave


"Euro-Trump," The New York Times, by Thomas Edsall

"Tech titans want to be masters of all media we survey," Orange County Register, by Joel Kotkin

"Gambling the world economy on climate," Wall Street Journal, by Bjorn Lomborg

"The oldest divide: with roots dating back to our Founding, America's urban-rural split is wider than ever," City Journal, by Victor Davis Hanson



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