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Recent articles of note

“Trump, Sanders, and the revolt against decadence,” New York Times, by Ross Douthat “How both parties lost the white working class,” New York Times, by R.R. Reno “The Clinton system,” New York Review of Books, by Simon Head “Serf’s up with California’s new feudalism,” Orange County Register, by Joel Kotkin “Lessons of demopolis,” Aeon, by […]

Recent articles of note

On ISIS and Paris: “Why do jihadis seem so evil?” Pandaemonium, by Kenan Malik “Mindless terrorists? The truth about ISIS is much worse,” The Guardian, by Scott Atran “ISIS sings the same tune Hitler did, promising Utopia in the end,” Russia Today interview with Scott Atran “What is the driving force behind jihadist terrorism?” by […]

Kim Davis: criminal or conscientious objector?

Thumbnail : Kim Davis: criminal or conscientious objector?

Why dissent on same-sex marriage is punished so harshly. Read my spiked article in full here.

Recent articles of note

“My Title IX inquisition,” Chronicle of Higher Education, by Laura Kipnis “Pre-traumatic stress disorder,” City Journal, by Theodore Dalrymple “The changing geography of racial opportunity,” Real Clear Politics, by Joel Kotkin “Frenemies: The combative camaraderie of Norman Mailer and William F. Buckley, Jr.,” The New Yorker, by Thomas Mallon “The United States of diversity,” Commentary, […]

Recent articles of note

“Not running, but fleeing: With rare exceptions, America’s young are turning their backs on politics,” The Economist “The green behind California’s Greens,” City Journal, by Steven Malanga “How your hometown affects your chances of marriage,” New York Times, by David Leonhardt and Kevin Quealy “The new Jews of Harvard’s admissions,” Wall Street Journal, by Jason […]

Recent articles of note

“In UCLA debate over Jewish student, echoes on campus of old biases,” New York Times, by Adam Nagourney “The Culture Wars are dead, long live the Culture Wars!” US Intellectual History, by Andrew Hartman “Hannah Arendt: Thinking versus evil,” Times Higher Education, by Jon Nixon “Our parties, part one: The Democrats: how progress became adrift,” […]

Recent articles of note

“Columbia student: I didn’t rape her,” Daily Beast, by Cathy Young “Queering agriculture?: On campus, theory is as high as an elephant’s eye,” City Journal, by Heather Macdonald “Islamism and the left,” Dissent, by Michael Walzer “Measles: Misinformation gone viral,” Defining Ideas, by Richard A. Epstein “Don’t be like that: Does black culture need to […]

Top articles of note for 2014

Here are my top articles published in 2014, the ones I found most thought-provoking (in alphabetical order by the author’s last name): “The left vs. the climate,” The Breakthrough, by Will Boisvert “Don’t send your kid to the Ivy League,” The New Republic,  by William Deresiewicz “America in decay: The sources of political dysfunction,” Foreign Affairs, by […]

Recent articles of note

“Chris Rock. What’s killing comedy. What’s saving America,” New York. Interviewed by Frank Rich “The rustbelt roars back from the dead,” The Daily Beast, by Joel Kotkin and Richey Piiparinen “When GM was Google,” The New Yorker, by Nicholas Lemann “The divorce surge is over, but the myth lives on,” New York Times, by Claire […]

Recent articles of note

“The microaggression farce,” City Journal, by Heather Macdonald “Who will save the Democratic Party from itself?” New York Times, by Thomas Edsall “As Sharpton rose, so did his his unpaid taxes,” New York Times, by Russ Buettner “Is challenging ‘rape culture’ claims an idea too dangerous for university students?” Reason, by Wendy McElroy “Erasing Bill Cosby […]

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