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Who’s behind the war on statues?

Thumbnail : Who’s behind the war on statues?

This mob iconoclasm is being encouraged by America’s self-loathing elites. Read my Spiked article in full here.

A woke coup at the New York Times

Thumbnail : A woke coup at the New York Times

The sacking of the opinion editor, over a controversial op-ed, confirms that the NYT is no longer a bastion of liberalism. Read my Spiked article in full here.

America on fire – and out of control

Thumbnail : America on fire – and out of control

The descent into chaos reveals a failure of moral and political leadership. Read my Spiked article in full here.

Spiked podcast: Joe Biden’s response to the Tara Reade allegations

On this week’s Spiked podcast, I spoke with Fraser Myers, Ella Whelan and Tom Slater about the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden. You can listen to it here. The Spiked team also discusses Neil Ferguson’s flouting of the lockdown rules and whether the tide is turning against campus censorship.

Articles of note

“Pro-Trump, anti-Mexican messages chalked on California campus as ‘chalkening’ movement spreads,” Washington Post, by Susan Svrluga “Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are delusional on trade policy,” Daily Beast, by Will Marshall and Ed Gerwin “What’s behind the revolt against global integration?” Washington Post, by Lawrence Summers “A drought of ideas,” The American Interest, by Walter […]

Articles of note

“The Obama doctrine,” The Atlantic, by Jeffrey Goldberg “Chaos in the family, chaos in the state: the white working class’s dysfunction,” National Review, by Kevin Williamson “What Donald Trump gets pretty much right, and completely wrong, on China,” New York Times, by Neil Irwin “What happens when Wal-Mart dumps you,” The Daily Beast, by Joel […]

Articles of note

“The Republican Party is shattering,” Wall Street Journal, by Peggy Noonan “What are the core differences between Republicans and Democrats?” Marginal Revolution, by Tyler Cowen “Justice Department grants immunity to staffer who set up Clinton email server,” Washington Post, by Adam Goldman “Hillary Clinton, ‘smart power’ and a dictator’s fall,”  and “A new Libya, with […]

Articles of note

“Inside the Republican Party’s desperate mission to stop Donald Trump,” New York Times, by Alexander Burns, Maggie Haberman and Jonathan Martin “A Trump wave is on the way,” USA Today, by Glenn Reynolds “Why Clinton is connecting with black voters – and Sanders isn’t,” The Atlantic, by David A. Graham “The 12 greatest challenges for […]

Articles of note

“Donald Trump, class warrior,” Bloomberg View, by Clive Crook “Why Trump voters accept the bad with the good,” Washington Examiner, by Byron York “We now join the US class war already in progress,” Daily Beast, by Joel Kotkin “Is robust American growth a thing of the past?” Financial Times, by Edward Luce [Review of The […]

Articles of note

“Bernie Sanders, closet moderate?” Politico, by Nancy Cook “Trump’s America,” Wall Street Journal, by Charles Murray “I can’t hate Donald Trump,” Slate, by Reihan Salam “‘Sexism has nothing to do with it’: Camille Paglia on Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem — and why New Hampshire women broke for Bernie Sanders,” Salon, by Camille Paglia “Risk grows […]

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