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Top articles of note for 2014

Here are my top articles published in 2014, the ones I found most thought-provoking (in alphabetical order by the author's last name):

"The left vs. the climate," The Breakthrough, by Will Boisvert

"Don't send your kid to the Ivy League," The New Republic,  by William Deresiewicz

"America in decay: The sources of political dysfunction," Foreign Affairs, by Francis Fukuyama

"Trigger happy: The 'trigger warning' has spread from blogs to college classes. Can it be stopped?" The New Republic, by Jenny Jarvie

"Freedom of speech or freedom from speech: 50 years after the Berkeley free speech movement," Huffington Post, by Greg Lukianoff

"The microaggression farce," City Journal, by Heather Macdonald

"Why the Ukraine crisis is the West's fault: The liberal delusions that provoked Putin," Foreign Affairs, by John Mearsheimer

"Liberals are killing art: How the left became obsessed with ideology over beauty," The New Republic, by Jed Perl

"The joy of stress," Financial Times, by Katie Roiphe

"Scientism in the arts and humanities," The New Atlantis, by Roger Scruton

"The white ghetto," National Review, by Kevin Williamson

"The college rape overcorrection," Slate, by Emily Yoffe

"A better feminism for 2015," Time, by Cathy Young

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