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Recent articles of note

"Al-Qa'ida, the second act: Why the global 'war on terror' went wrong," The Independent, by Patrick Cockburn

"How finance gutted manufacturing," Boston Review, by Suzanne Berger

"Why are so many traders (literally) killing themselves?" Bloomberg, by Barry Ritholtz

"Those nonsensical 'Google bus' attacks," Wall Street Journal, by Malchow

"Put the sex back in sex ed," Time, by Camille Paglia

"The seven most ridiculous things about the new ban bossy campaign," The Federalist, by Mollie Hemingway

"The ghost at the atheist feast: Was Nietzsche right about religion?" New Statesman, by John Gray [Review of The Age of Nothing, by Peter Watson; and Culture and the Death of God, by Terry Eagleton]

"The philosopher and the thief: Trespassing in the library of a dead genius," Harper's Magazine, by John Kaag

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