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My favorite articles of 2013

Here are my top ten articles that I came across in 2013 (alphabetical by author's last name):

"Silicon chasm: the class divide on America's cutting edge," Weekly Standard, by Charlotte Allen

"A letter to my grandfather," Chronicle of Higher Education, by Charles Barzun

"Does faith = hate?" The American Conservative, by Rod Dreher

"The decay of American political institutions," The American Interest, by Francis Fukuyama

"California's new feudalism benefits a few at the expense of the multitude," The Daily Beast, by Joel Kotkin

"Futuristic blues," The American Interest, by Walter Russell Mead

"Science is not your enemy," The New Republic, by Steven Pinker; and "Crimes against humanities," The New Republic, by Leon Wieseltier [I'll count these two as one]

"Kindly inquisitors, revisited," Reason, by Jonathan Rauch

"The persisting vision: Reading the language of cinema," The New York Review of Books, by Martin Scorsese

"Guilty until proven innocent: how the government encourages kangaroo courts for sex crimes on campus," Reason, by Cathy Young

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