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This week’s articles of note

"This is the man that Bill Gates thinks you absolutely should be reading," Wired, by Clive Thompson [Interview with Vaclav Smil]

"Which side of the barricade are you on?" Politico, by Doug Sosnik

"America's coastal royalty," Real Clear Politics, by Victor Davis Hanson

"The French connection: how the Revolution, and two thinkers, bequeathed us 'right' and 'left'," The Weekly Standard, by Gertrude Himmelfarb [Review of The Great Debate: Edmund Burke, Thomas Paine and the Birth of Right and Left, by Yuval Levin]

"Arendt and Eichmann: the new truth," The New York Review of Books, by Mark Lilla [Review of film and book about Arendt]

"Fifty years later, why does 'Eichmann in Jerusalem' remain contentious?" The New York Times, by Adam Kirsch and Rivka Galchen

"The museum of the revolution: the life and work of Victor Serge represents the Russian democratic revolution that never was," The Nation, by Sophie Pinkham [Review of books on Serge]

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