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2012’s best articles

Here are my top 10 articles for the year (in alphabetical order by the author's last name):

"Who killed the liberal arts?" The Weekly Standard, by Joseph Epstein

"In nothing we trust," National Journal, by Ron Fournier and Sophie Quinton

"The future of history: can liberal democracy survive the decline of the middle class?" Foreign Affairs, by Francis Fukuyama

"Death by treacle," The American Scholar, by Pamela Haag

"The folly of scientism," The New Atlantis, by Austin L. Hughes

"The Great American Novel: will there ever be another?" The Weekly Standard, by Roger Kimball

"Despite the Great Recession, Obama's new coalition of elites has thrived," The Daily Beast, by Joel Kotkin

"Is Facebook making us lonely?" The Atlantic, by Stephen  Marche

"Once and future liberalism," The American Interest, by Walter Russell Mead

"Who wears the pants in this economy?" New York Times Magazine, by Hanna Rosin

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