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This week’s articles of note: post-Mubarak edition

This week's edition is a post-Mubarak reading list:

"Mubarakism without Mubarak: why Egypt's military will not embrace democracy," Foreign Affairs, by Ellis Goldberg

"Why Egypt's progressives win," Al Jazeera, by Paul Adam

"Who lost Egypt? Not Obama," Foreign Policy, by Aaron David Miller

"Mubarak resignation creates vacuum for US in the Mideast," The Washington Post, by Scott Wilson

"Egypt and the future of Arab democracy: get rid of Islamists, and democracy will thrive," New York Daily News, by Charles Krauthammer

"If Mubarak leaves: the role of Egypt's military," Real Clear World, by Anthony Cordesman

"Echoes of Cairo in Tehran," The Diplomat, by Ilan Berman 

"The Egyptian uprising: 'why now' and 'what next'?" spiked, by Brendan O'Neill

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