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The race-washing of American history

The idea that all of our ills stem from slavery is revisionist history that helps no one.

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  • It should also be recognized that thousands of American historians at the high school and college levels have been exposed to a Marxist interpretation in the distortions of Howard Zinn's best selling book. A recent book about his work has demonstrated that he is probably more responsible than anyone else for the trashing of Columbus by his slipshod use of documents. He has also distorted and sensationalized the story of native Americans, and his coverage of the WWII and post war American also presents a warped view of the American past. Studemts have been fully exposed to the "evils" of the American past. Historians who have studied the America and published dozens of books on these topics need to speak up against the New York Times and its "project." How many students do you know who believe that slavery was a good thing?

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