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Oberlin and the price of wokeness

An American college has discovered that PC mobs don’t always get away scot-free.

Read my Spiked article in full here.

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  • Dear Sean:

    I want to thank you for your excellent if painful article. I attended Oberlin way back in the 50s and am myself an Emerita university professor at Stanford. I knew things at Oberlin were bad but I almost couldn't believe my eyes, reading your article and "The Culture of Theft" which you linked. Yes, it's time to shut Oberlin down! The sad thing is that back in my day, we had more black students than they have now--Oberlin was always a college devoted to the black cause! Everyone got along fine and the idea of shoplifting would never have occurred to anyone!

    The problem is that colleges like Oberlin are now bastions of the rich; in my day the tuition was very low and the typical Oberlin student was middle-class and lived in a frame house in Parkridge, Illinois or similar place. The school graduated many future social workers, boy scout leaders, missionaries. Now, with the tuition some 20x what it was then (1953), the majority of students come from Scarsdale or similar places and are spoiled rich brats. Then there's the small percentage of blacks who feel alienated, no wonder! And the real villains are the administrators who get a paid a fortune for their charming interference--like the odious Meredith Raimondo. They get paid much more than the faculty for stirring up trouble. I say FIRE most of THE ADMINISTRATORS, cut the tuition in half, and focus on LEARNING, not "activism," at the expenses of others liken the store owners. We must persist and get rid of this nightmare!

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