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Trump-Russia: the birtherism of the left

The collapse of the Russia conspiracy theory exposes the hysteria of the modern media

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  • It is clear that Trump has a deep interest in Russian support, otherwise why would so many of his people have so many direct contacts - and not be open or truthful about those contacts - with Russian government officials or those with strong ties to Putin.

    Russia is a minor player in world events at this juncture and as such has no bargaining leverage with US. Yet Trump and close associates act as if they are dealing with a nation on equal footing.

    Russia's economy is not robust and needs the West & USA much more than they need Russia.

    The Helsinki press conference and private meetings with Putin do not engender confidence that this president has US interests in the forefront.

    I always had my doubt about collusion, mostly due to the ineptitude of so many Trump campaign workers, but I do not feel that Trump is honest.

    Not honest in his business dealings and not honest about his true relationship with Putin.

    He is a deplorable human being - and as a New Yorker you should be well aware of his less than sterling reputation in business - who has offered nothing any Republican elected president would offer.

    His 2 big accomplishments:

    Neil Gorsuch - 1st pick of the GOP
    tax cuts - a Republican campaign plank

    Donald Trump has done far more damage to US economy (see tariffs) than he has helped it.

    All the world leaders he praises and supports are dictators in fact or in temperament - why? Could it be because these people can make unilateral decisions that could benefit Trump's business interests?

    No sir, this is not an "innocent" individual.

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