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#MeToo is poisoning American politics

Unsubstantiated allegations are now used as weapons.

Read my Spiked article in full here.

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  • I always find your columns interesting - sometimes I agree and sometimes I do not; this is one of the latter times. I have never liked Kavanaugh, these allegations have little to do with my opposition. I think it was a mistake to nominate a GOP political highbinder like him in the first place. While judges do wear solemn black robes, they are political creatures and have been nominated because at the very least, political powers that be view them as inoffensive. Under both conservative Catholic and Jewish thought, the actions of the youth previews the actions of the man and under that rubric, the judge should bow out. Yes, his reputation is toast, but he has only himself to blame for that state of affairs. We all wear masks and one can be many things at the same time. A loutish, drunken party boy can be, simultaneously, someone who is respectable when sober. "The dewdrop world/Is the dewdrop world/And yet..../And yet." This administration by out-sourcing judicial nominations has shot itself in the foot again. As for the outrage of the GOP senators, one hears the outrage of privilege challenged.

    Again, I always look forward to reading your columns, especially when I don't agree with you as you cause me to think and re-examine my assumptions, but not this time. My only complaint is that you do not write more.

  • This is one of the best description of the horrible situation that the Dims have created. Their actions are a travesty. Brilliant and accurate assessment. Bravo!!!

  • Thanks Lewis. I really appreciate your thoughtful comments. I probably should have made it clear that I have been addressing the main sexual misconduct allegations against Kavanaugh, and not other arguments against his confirmation. Kavanaugh may not have been the wisest choice by Trump, given his time in the Bush White House. I do remain worried what precedent is set by knocking down his nomination on accusations alone. Thanks again.

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