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Ukraine: undemocratic uprising backed by incompetent imperialists

Thumbnail : Ukraine: undemocratic uprising backed by incompetent imperialists

A corrupt leader, relying on police and military for support, is in power. Protesters who take to the streets, and get beaten back by riot police, must represent the people and democracy, right? No, not necessarily, and Ukraine is an example of how that simplistic logic doesn’t always hold. The overthrow of the government in […]

Recent articles of note

“Mann vs. Steyn: the trial of the century,” Real Clear Politics, by Robert Tracinski “Fear and loathing at Wellesley,” Wall Street Journal, by Lenore Skenazy “Should neo-Nazis be allowed free speech?” The Daily Beast, by Thane Rosenbaum “Why mass shootings haven’t ushered in a new age of gun control,” Reason, by Jesse Walker “How to […]

DeBlasio and the snow

Thumbnail : DeBlasio and the snow

I have my criticisms of New York City mayor Bill DeBlasio (see here). But the attacks on him for his handling of yesterday’s snowstorm, and his decision to keep schools open, are a distraction. Deciding whether to open schools in the face of bad weather is often a no-win situation. Keep them open and some […]

Facebook comments could get Texas teen put away for 10 years

Thumbnail : Facebook comments could get Texas teen put away for 10 years

In the Washington Post, Radley Balko reports on the unsettling story of Justin Carter, an 18-year old in Texas, who a year ago was arrested, put in jail and charged with a felony based on comments he posted on Facebook. In February 2013, about two months after the Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut, Clark posted […]

Jerry Seinfeld won’t kowtow to “PC nonsense”

Jerry Seinfeld has an online series called “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”. It’s pretty funny. But some people aren’t laughing, because they’re unhappy that Seinfeld has featured white male comedians (even though they are not all white males – he’s had Chris Rock and Tina Fey, for example, on the show). In a recent interview, […]

Recent articles of note

“The tyranny and lethargy of the Times editorial page,” New York Observer, by Ken Kurson “The end of American exceptionalism,” National Journal, by Peter Beinart “Why so much anarchy?” Stratfor, by Robert D. Kaplan “How a few monster tech firms are taking over everything from media to space travel and what it means for the […]

You don’t know that Woody Allen is guilty

Thumbnail : You don’t know that Woody Allen is guilty

This post has now been re-published in spiked – go here. In the name of supporting Dylan Farrow, commentators have unleashed a wave of prejudice and intolerance against Woody Allen. There is so much that is very illiberal and disturbing about the urge to condemn and publicly denounce Allen: It’s not based on fact As […]

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