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Occupy at Wal-Mart calls shoppers “cum-sumer whores”

Here is a video with Occupy types on Black Friday handing out leaflets to Wal-Mart shoppers, urging them not to be "cum-sumer whores". This is the level of wit and analytical thinking we've come to expect from the Occupiers, who have set themselves up as directly opposed to the masses who submit to "consumer slavery". The narrator's references to "feeding frenzy" says more about him and his sense of moral superiority, than it does about the people going about their business in a busy but otherwise placid store.

Across the country, Occupy Xmas campaigners invaded Wal-Mart stores and hectored shoppers about their supposedly sinful behavior. Handfuls of protesters chanted "we are the 99 percent" at shoppers, with no sense of irony. They were largely ignored.

(BTW, I wrote about the well-off middle classes telling off workers for shopping in Wal-Mart in this 2006 article for spiked.)

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