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Greens are against nuclear – and all other forms of energy

In the wake of the Japan disaster, environmentalists are rolling out their anti-nuclear arguments again. But as Alex Berezow, editor of Real Clear Science, points out, greens are "trying to eliminate all the other alternatives as well".

Oil drilling is risky and destructive . Coal is hazardous to extract, and burning it contributes to global warming. Natural gas isn't carbon neutral. Hydroelectric power is no good because the construction the plant itself releases greenhouse gases (it also hurts plants and fish). Wind? Yes, but not if turbines are in Nantucket Sound (where many environmentalists live) because they aesthetically unpleasant - and not if they kill too many birds.

That leaves solar, which currently accounts for 1 percent of the US's energy today. But some environmentalists think solar is a problem too: "In California, the construction of a solar power plant has been held up due to concerns raised over the welfare of a lizard".

Berezow's process of elimination highlights that the fact that, for many greens, the use of energy itself is a problem. What they really mind is that we as humans have more energy at our disposal, and like to use it. The only real consistent policy the greens present is the restriction of energy use, which is why they are so focused on individual consumption and behavior modification.

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