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Naomi Klein, reactionary

This Naomi Klein talk is so crass, wrong and bad, it's hard to know where to start.

In about 19 minutes, Klein manages to:

  • make a glib a analogy between the BP oil spill and financial crisis
  • criticize risk-taking as "reckless"
  • advocate the precautionary principle
  • elevate Mother Nature over humanity (and present Mother Nature as truly feminine)
  • blame men, and perpetuate archaic stereotypes of women as inherently nurturing
  • attack Sarah Palin (now obligatory at every talk!)
  • dismiss geo-engineering and all technological solutions to environmental problems (and insist on people changing their personal behavior)

Her book The Shock Doctrine took abstract concepts - like "shock" or "disaster" - and made false analogies. She is now taking this approach to further banalities, and proving that what passes as "left" today is often the most reactionary in explicitly rejecting progress and growth.

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