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People would rather see celebrities “dead” than donate to AIDS charity

The "Digital Death" campaign from AIDS charity "Keep a Child Alive" has got to be one of the most sanctimonious celebrity campaigns ever. It is also turning out to be one of the biggest flops ever.

Various celebrities, from Kim Kardashian (famous for... being Kim Kardashian) to Swizz Beatz (huh? or am I just out of it?), vowed to "die" digitally and stay off facebook and twitter until their fans donated $1 million dollars to "buy back" their lives. The campaign includes photos of the celebrities posing in coffins (distasteful stunt or wish-fulfillment fantasy - you decide).

At first I thought it was $1 million for each of the 18 celebs, which would be challenging, but then I re-read that it was $1 million in total. Should be easy, given how much people just love Elijah Wood, Daphne Guinness and Bronson Pelletier, right? Well, it's two days since its launch on World AIDS day, and the "Digital Death" campaign has raised a grand total of $182,000.

It turns out that people have decided that there is life without tweets from Swizz Beatz. Indeed, it seems that the desire to keep these celebrities dead is so strong that it overcomes any immediate impulse people have to help a good cause. At this rate, these celebs may be kept dead for a long time.  All I can say is: What public spirit! Keep it up folks!

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