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Charlie Rangel shouldn’t resign (at least not yet)

Thumbnail : Charlie Rangel shouldn’t resign (at least not yet)

New York representative Charlie Rangel spoke with emotion and at length on the floor of the House yesterday, giving what some describe as a “trainwreck” of a speech. Rangel faces accusations of corruption: for violating congressional rules for soliciting donations for a City College of New York named after him; using a rent-stabilized apartment for […]

Steven Slater, folk hero for our times

Steven Slater appears to have captured the imaginations of many Americans. Slater is the Jet Blue flight attendant who quit his job in dramatic fashion. As his plane had arrived but was not yet ready to de-board at JFK, a passenger got up early to grab her bag from the overhead compartment. Slater told her […]

Phelps on innovation

In an interesting op-ed  in Saturday’s New York Times, Edmund Phelps, the Nobel-prize winning economist at Columbia University, called for a “focus on fixing the structural problems, that, unresolved, will stymie the economy over the long haul”. It is defintely worth reading. Like many economists, Phelps criticizes Keynesian ideas about insufficient demand. But unlike many other […]

This week’s articles of note

“Afghan women and the return of the Taliban,” Time, by Aryn Baker “What the Great Recession has done to family life,” New York Times Magazine, by Judith Warner  “The crisis of middle-class America,” Financial Times, by Edward Luce “The key lesson of the BP oil spill? Don’t panic,” spiked, by Rob Lyons “What social science […]

Behavioralism leads to “monkeynomics”

Laurie Santos from Yale University in a TED talk that looks for the roots of human irrationality by watching the way primates make decisions. Santos says that her experiments in “monkeynomics” shows that some of the silly choices humans make, monkeys make too. It is bad enough that the financial crisis and the Gulf of Mexico oil […]

This is a “digital deluge”, not the Pentagon Papers

Thumbnail : This is a “digital deluge”, not the Pentagon Papers

Some are comparing Wikileaks’ 92,000 Afghan documents to the internal US study of Vietnam leaked in 1971. But the differences are striking. Read my article in spiked, which is based on a recent blog post, in full here.

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