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Send Jamie Oliver back to Britain!

British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has his first reality TV show on a major network, ABC. It's called Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, and its first full episode was aired this evening.

Rob Lyons warned us in spiked about Oliver. And God, is he obnoxious and patronizing. In his new series, Oliver parachutes into Huntington, West Virginia, dubbed "the unhealthiest city in America" because of obesity, and attempts to change eating habits. He claims to have revolutionized school meals in Britain, but Lyons says the reality is that "fewer kids eat school meals than before he started while school meals staff have to work harder." Thankfully, the good citizens of Huntington do not welcome him. Kids dump his unappetising meals in the garbage can right in front of him. A promo video shows Oliver breaking down and crying: "They don't understand me, 'cos they don't know why I'm here."

In addition to Lyons' article, check out this article and video published by Reason, which is also critical of Oliver.

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