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Tiger Woods is a golfer. Let him golf

Tiger Woods has announced that he will return to golf at the Masters in April. This has led a number of commentators to question his decision.

Mike Walker at says the Masters is "sports at its best" while the Tiger saga is "sports at its worst", and the Masters is likely to suffer from the circus surrounding Woods. Michael Wilbon at the Washington Post calls Tiger's choice of the Masters to be his first tournament back "odd", as it is likely he will need more practice to get back to his form after all he has been through: "Now, without benefit of competition and the day-to-day engagement that has made him to golf what Michael Jordan was to basketball and what Muhammad Ali was to boxing, Tiger is going to walk out of emotional upheaval and onto the most famous golf course in America and seriously contend?"

I don't buy these arguments; I think Tiger's return is about time and will be good for the game. But the worst argument I've seen put forward as to why Tiger should not come back was put forward by Rock Mamola (via John Hudson):

I believed Tiger when he stated that he felt the rules of life did not apply to him.  I believed Tiger we he stated that he owes families across the nation (including ones who sought help with his foundation) an apology.  By announcing today that his return would be the Masters in Augusta, GA not six months after the crash heard round the world.....he truly was not sorry for anything.
He says the most important things in his life is his kids and his marriage, then why concentrate on your career when for most families it takes years of therapy to fix harsh wounds.  He says he had a lot of work to do and said he would dedicate himself to do it. 

What therapeutic nonsense. We don't need any more cringe-worthy apologies from Woods (or any other athletes for that matter). Tiger getting back to golf means that (hopefully) we can get back to hearing about his game rather than his sex life. Tiger Woods is a golfer. Let him golf.

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