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Wanted: top Illinois Democrat, no experience preferred

Democratic Party politics in Illinois - President Obama's adopted home state - is in a bad way. 

Last year governor Rod Blagojevich was ousted in a scandal, and last month the party's nominee for lieutentant governor (the number two role) resigned due to allegations of domestic assault, unpaid child support and steroids use. Today's Times reports that the Illinois Democrats have responded in an unusual way in order to fill the lieutentant governor vacancy on the ticket: they have opened the candidacy to anyone, via an online application form.

So far, more than 200 people have submitted applications. Rather than try to disguise their lack of achievements and connections, a number of candidates have actually boasted of them. When asked what strengths he would bring to the Democratic ticket, Jimmy V. Danesi replied: "I am an unknown, no experience and NO TIES TO ANYONE!"  Not all who replied are in fact Democrats: "One man said he had been a Republican 'lately' but would be willing to switch back, while others said they were independent or ambivalent."

If you ever needed evidence that the Democrats did not know what they stand for - and that they do not really operate as a true political party any longer - look no further.

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