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Recent articles of note

"An election about rejection," Washington Post, by Dan Balz

"Why partyism is wrong," New York Times, by David Brooks

"Hussman: I think the stock market is crashing," Business Insider, by Henry Blodget

"Why middle-class Americans can't afford to live in liberal cities," The Atlantic, by Derek Thompson

"The climate change solution no one will talk about," The Atlantic, by Jason Plautz [promotes population control]

"Pathetic privilege," National Review, by Kevin Williamson [on Lena Dunham]

"3 reasons President Obama is wrong about stay-at-home moms," The Federalist, by Mollie Hemingway

"Against the grain: should you go anti-gluten?" New Yorker, by Michael Specter

"The last anti-fat crusaders," Wall Street Journal, by Nina Teicholz

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