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Most Americans believe Tucson shooting unrelated to rhetoric

Many liberal commentators have put forward that heated rhetoric and the political "climate" were important factors that explain Jared Loughner's shootings in Tucson, Arizona on the weekend. Well, a majority of Americans don't agree.

According to a CBS News poll out today, 57 percent of people said the harsh political tone had nothing to with the Arizona shootings, while 32 percent said it did have something to do with it, and 11 percent were undecided. There are even more Democrats (49 percent) who disagree with the notion of a connection than Democrats who agree with the idea of link (42 percent).

As Nick Gillespie notes in Reason, "These numbers reflect an America that is remaining pretty level-headed despite an incredibly ugly killing spree and a strong push by many in politics and the commentariat to say that Loughner's insanity is tied to the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, hard rock music, you name it."

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