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2010’s Heroes and Zeroes

Today's spiked reviews the year 2010 with a series of articles.

In the lead article, "A year of intellectual rebels and misanthropic moaners," spiked readers and writers name their heroes and zeroes of the year. Here are mine:

HERO: Diane Ravitch, whose bestselling book The Death and Life of the Great American School System made her the most vocal opponent of Obama’s philistine education reforms. She says we should insist on the highest standards for all children: ‘an education that includes the arts, literature, the sciences, history, geography, civics, foreign languages, economics, and physical education.’

ZERO: NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, for posing as a liberal but actually having a strong authoritarian streak. His nanny-state measures have included bans on smoking and trans-fats and even a proposal to prohibit the poor from using food stamps to buy soda. 

The entire review is well worth reading.

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