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Palin: a creation of the liberal-left

I have argued for some time that the prominence of Sarah Palin reflects mainly liberals' fascination with her (see here) .

Liberals have obsessively followed this ex-governor, ex-VP candidate, and consequently built her up into something more than she is. In turn, liberals' hatred for her has made her sympathetic, and cohered support among people who believe that, if she is antagonizing the left, then supporting her is the best way to stick it to them.  

In his New York Times op-ed piece on Saturday, Charles Blow provides further evidence for this view. Blow writes:

Left-leaning blogs like The Huffington Post plaster pictures of her and her family all over their sites with entries about her latest gaffe or sideswipe. But she’s barely mentioned on popular conservative blogs.

The same leftward skew is also true on television. An analysis of CNN, MSNBC and Fox News from Nov. 3 to Dec. 2, using data from ShadowTV, a monitoring service, found that CNN mentioned the name “Sarah Palin” nearly 800 times....Left-leaning MSNBC mentioned it nearly 1,000 times. But Fox News, which employs her, mentioned it fewer than 600 times.

The liberal-left's view of her is really what they see in the masses. Specifically, they don't trust the working class, and fear that they will mindlessly follow Palin. Blow writes: "People on the left seem to need her, to bash her, because she is, in three words, the way the left likes to see the right: hollow, dim and mean. But since she’s feeding on the negativity, I suggest three other words: get over it."

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