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Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2011!

I’d like to thank everyone for reading and commenting on The American Situation since its launch in March. Here’s hoping you enjoy the holiday season to the full, and that you take it to the next level in 2011.  I’ll be back on January 3rd.

2010’s best articles

There were many excellent articles published during the course of 2010. It is hard to choose the best, but here are my top 10 (in alphabetical order by the author’s last name). I’m not saying I agree with everything in these articles, but they were definitely thought-provoking and addressed important issues of our time. “What good is […]

2010’s Heroes and Zeroes

Today’s spiked reviews the year 2010 with a series of articles. In the lead article, “A year of intellectual rebels and misanthropic moaners,” spiked readers and writers name their heroes and zeroes of the year. Here are mine: HERO: Diane Ravitch, whose bestselling book The Death and Life of the Great American School System made her the most […]

This week’s articles of note

“Person of the Year 2010: Mark Zuckerberg,” Time, by Lev Grossman “Left out,” The American Interest, by Francis Fukuyama “The President and the passions: has Obama misunderstood the psychology of politics?” The New York Times Magazine, by Mark Lilla “How a different America responded to the Great Depression,” Pew Research Center, by Jodie T. Allen [Hat […]

The tax deal: short-term victory for Obama

Thumbnail : The tax deal: short-term victory for Obama

The big news in American politics recently has been the surprising tax deal President Obama made with the Republicans in Congress. Tax cuts introduced in 2001 and 2003 during the George W. Bush presidency were positioned at that time as “temporary”, and were due to expire at the end of this year. They were a […]

Starting to get in the Christmas spirit…

Bruce and the E-Street Band (London, 2007).

This week’s articles of note

“Demography vs. geography: understanding the political future,” The American, by Joel Kotkin “‘People want to be part of the story,'” Financial Times. Simon Schama interviews Arianna Huffington “Jamie Dimon: America’s least-hated banker,” The New York Times Magazine, by Roger Lowenstein “The crisis of the American intellectual,” The American Interest, by Walter Russell Mead “What I’ve […]

NASA’s amazing discovery of alien life – in California

Thumbnail : NASA’s amazing discovery of alien life – in California

When NASA announced last week that it had a new discovery “which would impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life,” the media clamored for details. But when the space agency finally unveiled the news that it had found alien life in the form of a microbe with previously-unknown DNA that that feeds – oddly enough – off […]

Palin: a creation of the liberal-left

Thumbnail : Palin: a creation of the liberal-left

I have argued for some time that the prominence of Sarah Palin reflects mainly liberals’ fascination with her (see here) . Liberals have obsessively followed this ex-governor, ex-VP candidate, and consequently built her up into something more than she is. In turn, liberals’ hatred for her has made her sympathetic, and cohered support among people who believe that, […]

This week’s articles of note

“What does it mean to be a liberal today?” The Independent. Sarah Boyes interviews Frank Furedi “Things fall apart,” The American Interest, by Walter Russell Mead “The doom boom: religious roots of environmental Armageddon,” Chronicle of Higher Education, by Michael Ruse “Africa needs aid, not flawed theories,” Wall Street Journal, by Bill Gates; and “Africa […]

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