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After Newtown: panicked safety measures turning schools into prisons

Following Newtown, most of the media coverage is focused on the debate over gun control. We are waiting to hear the proposals that emerge from the commission headed by Vice President Joe Biden, which is due to be announced this week. But whether or not Washington decides to pass new laws, important changes are happening […]

Newtown: a “9/11 for gun control”?

Thumbnail : Newtown: a “9/11 for gun control”?

Both liberals and the right responded to the dreadful Sandy Hook massacre by denigrating liberty. Read my spiked article in full here.

Some thoughts on the current situation

As we enter a New Year, I’ve been reflecting about the past year or so in politics, and wondering where things might head in 2013. I thought I would share some points that came to mind about our situation today. “Events” Politics seem more event-driven. By this, I mean that a particular incident or news item can drive […]

This week’s articles of note

“Let’s repeal the Second Amendment,” Vanity Fair, by Kurt Eichenwald “Spengler’s ominous prophecy,” National Affairs, by Robert W. Merry “After the fiscal cliff: what do Democrats want?” The Daily Beast, by Megan McArdle “California’s blue utopia,” New Geography, by Robert J. Cristiano “The new feminism,” Dissent, by Sarah Leonard [Special issue devoted to the topic] […]

Evidence that the “war on obesity” is not worth fighting

For years we’ve been told that America is engaged in a “war on obesity” that requires government action at the federal, state and local level.  Government-backed research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have categorized more than a third (36 percent) as obese, and about seven in 10 as overweight and obese. Obesity is often […]

A bad cliffhanger

Thumbnail : A bad cliffhanger

The US “fiscal cliff” talks were depicted as a tense dash to save America, but in truth all the big questions were left out. Read my spiked article in full here.

A bad cliffhanger

Congress and the President went past its own deadline of midnight on December 31st, but a day later reached a deal on the so-called “fiscal cliff”. With its vote late on Tuesday night, the House of Representatives joined the Senate in approving legislation that will avoid tax increases for most Americans and scheduled cuts in […]

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