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This week’s articles of note

“Joe Sixpack get lost!” The Daily Caller, by Mickey Kaus ‘The class divide deepens,” National Journal, by Ronald Brownstein “Liberal intolerance and Naomi Riley’s firing,” Real Clear Politics, by Cathy Young “OWS RIP,” The American Interest, by Walter Russell Mead “Why I think Obama is losing,” The Atlantic, by Clive Crook “The gay divorcees: there […]

Why I’m coming out…against gay marriage

Thumbnail : Why I’m coming out…against gay marriage

A New York progressive braves the opprobrium of his peers by questioning same-sex marriage. Read my spiked article in full here.  

Obama vs Romney: who do you hate least?

Thumbnail : Obama vs Romney: who do you hate least?

Both Obama and Romney are now tossed between public enthusiasm and public disdain, showing just how volatile this campaign has become. Read my spiked article in full here.

This week’s articles of note

“America’s crisis of character,” Wall Street Journal, by Peggy Noonan “A nation of spoiled brats,” Foreign Policy. David Rothkopf interviews Edward Luce, author of Time to Start Thinking: America in the Age of Descent “Joel Kotkin: The great California exodus,” Wall Street Journal. Allysia Finley interviews Kotkin “Obama’s race to save the Rust Belt,” Salon, […]

Obama is down in the polls, and only has himself to blame

It’s easy to be confused about this year’s presidential election. Throughout the latter part of 2011,  President Obama was faring badly in opinion polls. Unemployment remained stubbornly high and a majority did not approve of his job performance. The talk was that almost any Republican could beat Obama. But then, as we headed into a new year, Obama’s fortunes appeared to change. Unemployment […]

This week’s articles of note

“The book that drove them crazy: Allan Bloom’s Closing of the American Mind 25 years later,” Weekly Standard, by Andrew Ferguson “Battleground America: one nation, under the gun,” The New Yorker, by Jill Lepore “Hilary Rosen was right: Ann Romney is out of touch with most women,” Time, by Judith Warner “Why there are more […]

Is America committing “superpower suicide”?

Thumbnail : Is America committing “superpower suicide”?

Yes, claims that America is rotting like the Roman Empire are over the top, but two new books swing too far in the other direction. Read my review of The World America Made by Robert Kagan, and Strategic Vision by Zbigniew Brzezinski, in spiked here.

This week’s articles of note

“Liberal illiberalism,” PJ Media, by Victor Davis Hanson “Please stop apologizing,” New York Times, by Bill Maher “Obama heading for defeat in Keystone fight,” Washington Examiner, by Byron York “Chinese capitalism is just another knock-off,” Reuters, by Ian Bremmer “The anti-Walmart: the secret sauce of Wegmans is people,” The Atlantic, by David Rohde “Suzanne Collins’ […]

Goading Goldman Sachs: a new sport

Thumbnail : Goading Goldman Sachs: a new sport

Half self-promotion, half banker-bashing, there was nothing brave about Greg Smith’s resignation letter. Read my spiked article in full here.

Breaking news: Goldman Sachs is no longer a charity

Last week the New York Times published an op-ed piece by Greg Smith, a 33-year-old midlevel banker with Goldman Sachs in London, in which he explains why he is resigning from the Wall Street firm. In his view, the culture in Goldman Sachs is “toxic and destructive”, and the firm no longer acts in the […]

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