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Protesters only in Square for the Kentucky Fried Chicken

The Mubarak regime has spread a ridiculous rumor that the only reason the protesters are staying in Tahrir Square is because foreign powers are providing them with free Kentucky Fried Chicken, reports Robert Mackey in The New York Times. The other rumor spread by the regime is that outsiders are paying protesters 100 Euros a day. Both of these notions are sent […]

It’s the US against Egypt’s protesters now

Thumbnail : It’s the US against Egypt’s protesters now

As The New York Times reports , on Saturday the US and other Western powers “threw their weight behind” Omar Suleiman, Egypt’s vice-president, and his efforts to end the protests. US secretary of state Hillary Clinton yesterday urged patience, saying that reform “takes some time,” and adding “there are certain things that need to be done in […]

This week’s articles of note

“How Cairo, U.S. were blindsided by revolution,” Wall Street Journal, by Charles Levinson, Margaret Coker and Jay Solomon “How democracy can work in the Middle East,” Time, by Fareed Zakaria “The West Wing, Season II,” New York, by John Heilemann “When Irish eyes are crying,” Vanity Fair, by Michael Lewis “Does football have a future?” […]

Nanny strikes again: NYC bans smoking in parks and beaches

Thumbnail : Nanny strikes again: NYC bans smoking in parks and beaches

With backing from Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the New York City Council yesterday banned smoking in city parks and beaches. Bloomberg is known for introducing nannying measures to control personal behavior. This latest ban is an extension of his ban on smoking in restaurants and bars imposed in 2002. The main reason given for the ban is to prevent second-hand smoking; the Council’s […]

Egypt – it’s not about religion

Thumbnail : Egypt – it’s not about religion

This is a photo of non-Muslims protecting Muslims at prayer in Cairo, according to this site.

Message to America: Hands off Egypt!

Thumbnail : Message to America: Hands off Egypt!

After decades of backing autocrats, the best thing Washington can do for the cause of Egyptian democracy is to butt out. Read my spiked article in full here.

The reality of Obama’s interference in Egypt

Here’s President Obama’s statement in response to Mubarak’s announcement that he will not stand in the elections planned for September. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, there is a contrast between Obama’s rhetoric of support for Egyptian self-determination and the reality of US interference in the country. This continued in today’s events. At his press conference, Obama says: “Now, it is not […]

Gary V: Finger Lakes wines due respect

I first wrote about Gary Vaynerchuk here. In this segment of his internet show, Gary bigs up Finger Lakes wines, which he says deserves more respect. I’m a big fan of these wines, and I highly recommend the Hermann J. Wiemer Riesling, which is a longstanding favorite. Wine Spectator rated the 2009 Wiemer Dry Riesling the […]

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