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On vacation this week…

… will return on Monday, July 12th.

This week’s articles of note

“America may never be the same,” The New Republic, by William Galston “California’s new energy divide,” National Journal, by Ronald Brownstein “Citizenship should remain a birthright,” Reason, by Steve Chapman “Financial regulation: not all on the same page,” The Economist “Is McDonald’s breaking the law by putting toys in Happy Meals?” Time, by Sean Gregory […]

The problem with “cyberbullying”

The New York Times on Monday ran a front-page feature about how school administrators and teachers were being pulled into cases of “cyberbullying” of students outside of school hours. The Timesarticle admits that “cyberbulling” is an “imprecise label for online activities ranging from barrages of teasing texts to sexually harassing group sites”. In a 2010 study, an organization called […]

The Russian “spies”

Apparently we’ve had Russian spies in our midst, pretending to be ordinary folks, for more than a decade. They exchanged orange bags at train stations, used invisible ink and buried money in fields. Who knew the Cold War was still raging all this time? The New York Times and others reported today that federal prosecutors […]

Finger Lakes riesling

I spent a long weekend in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. I’m a big fan of Finger Lakes riesling, and this story in the New York Post caught my eye. The Post notes that the French wine magazine La Vigne has named the Finger Lakes the “new riesling kingdom”. Earlier this spring, New […]

This week’s articles of note

“Dysregulation nation,” The New York Times Magazine, by Judith Warner “Prisoners by choice,” Le Monde Diplomatique, by Rowland Atkinson “The end of southern racism?” The Daily Beast, by John Avlon “Crisis economics,” National Affairs, by N. Gregory Mankiw “A lament for the humanities,” The Chronicle of Higher Education, by Michael Ruse “Testing times for America’s […]

Why more really is more

Thumbnail : Why more really is more

For centuries, economic growth and mass prosperity were understood to be highly desirable, yet today these social objectives are under siege. Daniel Ben-Ami’s new book is a clarion call to begin a counter-offensive. Read my review of Ferraris for All: In Defence of Economic Progress, by Daniel Ben-Ami, in the spiked review of books, here.

McChrystal: Afghanistan war spins out of America’s control

Thumbnail : McChrystal: Afghanistan war spins out of America’s control

UPDATE: This post has been re-published as an article in spiked (here). President Obama fired General Stanley McChrystal from his post as commander of US military forces in Afghanistan today, and replaced him with General David Petraeus, who led the 2007 surge campaign in Iraq. This was in response to comments made by McChrystal and his aides […]

The team that never quits

(Video: Landon Donovan) At mid-day I joined a great roar – from the midtown bar I was in and seemingly across all of Manhattan – to rejoice as the US team in the World Cup scored its amazing goal in extra time to win Group C. I’m still buzzing about it.  Throughout the city (and from what I can tell, across […]

Razing Detroit: nothing but flowers?

There are those who claim that we’ve experienced too much economic growth. There are those who complain about the impact of industrialization. And there are those who say there are too many people. But, if you want to see what a world of negative growth, deindustrialization and depopulation looks like, check out what is going on in […]

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